Kirabaga village in the highlands of West Papua
Allow me to greet you all in my original language Lani

Welcome to Kurumbi Wone

The human race is slowly but surely being re-programmed to think and feel in specific ways under the curse of the covid-19 pandemic. It seems that the old world is dying, and a new one is being born, and we are in the middle of it–standing at a crossroads, gazing at some cataclysmic collapse looming all around. In this kind of world, we no longer have the luxury of carrying on our daily activities with old ideas, beliefs and assumptions that brought us here. We need to take a step back and reexamine everything we held as truth with new heart-mind resets in new language, and ask new questions. These may give us new perspectives (worldviews) to build a better world for our children, or maybe it is already too late for redemption, and we will just keep marching until mother nature, something, or someone stops us.This website, Kurumbi Wone, is a platform where we share information about these types of issues. Here we can share warnings and critical information about the dangers humanity faces as we continue to wage war against ourselves, neighbours, families, clans, tribes, nations and all life on this planet in the name of religion, civilisation, progress, science, nationality, race, culture, heaven, political ideologies, greed and power. West Papua’s situation sheds light on the sociopathic activities of the human race on this planet, in which Indonesia, all countries and nations, including the UN, and local leaders themselves are all linked to the genocide of Papuans. Kurumbi Wone is an ancient phrase in the Lani language of the highland of Papua; it means warning message. A warning message to all of us as we in some way, complicit in the crimes agianst all life on this planet. It is a warning to all of us, as we may all be complicit in the crimes against life on this planet.

Papuan Genocide: Anatomy

The notion of ‘civilising primitive Papuans’ has distorted Papuans’ perception of the world and themselves. This distortion began with how New Guinea and its people were described in early colonial literature: unintelligent pygmies, cannibals, and pagan savages – devoid of value. Not only did this depiction foster a racist outlook on Papuans, but it misrepresented reality as it was experienced and understood by Papuans for thousands of years. Colonial literature says almost nothing of value or virtue about the people of New Guinea. This was the first attack against the humanity of Papuans.

Papuans have been dislocated from the centre of their cultural worldview and placed on the fringes of the grand colonial narratives; Papuans remain trapped by colonial symbols, images, and lexicons at the margins of this civilizational project. Only now do we understand that there is nothing grand about these projects. Colonizers, however, hold the myth of the grand narrative of civilising the world through their religious doctrines and myths, cultural and racial ideologies, and weapons.

This pernicious colonial cultural lens has been used to launch a program of what I call the dehumanization and re-humanisation of Papuans. Papuaphobia is that lens. It is conveniently used as a Procrustean Bed to measure, dissect and reconstruct the alleged ‘primitive’ Papuans. In the process, the Original Papuan is being remade and destroyed. Our father, Bernard Narokobi, was conscious of this problem when he said, “Will we see ourselves as we truly are, or will we see ourselves as shadows and images of others?”

Indonesia attempts to answer Narokobi’s question by forcing Papuans to view themselves through the lenses of ‘Pembangunan’ (development) and ‘Kemajuaan’ (progress). Indonesians are framing these concepts as good news to assure Papuans of their salvation. But, under the guise of these concepts, Jakarta poisons Papuans with unhealthy food and drink, alcohol, drugs, pornography, gambling, and ammunition. The rest of the world watches this genocide idly while exploiting West Papua’s resources for themselves.

These tragic circumstances have led to the destruction of Papuan clans and tribes, languages, and oral cultural information regarding their original world. Papuans will face the same fate as Indigenous populations in Australia, Canada, America, and New Zealand if they remain in Indonesia or vice versa.

The psychological underpinnings of this pathological colonial genocide

Colonisers of the West and East conditioned Papuans to feel guilty for their identity and existence, and institutionalized this guilt as a virtue. Colonisers market these two products – guilt and virtue – as a means of legitimizing their deep psychological control over the colonised and oppressed. Colonisers act as narcissistic sociopaths: they promise development, happiness, or even heaven, while they commit genocidal and homicidal acts against Papuans. They portray themselves as the ‘civilised’ and the oppressed as ‘uncivilised’ – a psychological manipulation that allows them to avoid being held accountable. Indonesia’s labelling of Papuans as criminals has its roots in this pathological colonial mindset that drives their entire project of ‘civilisation’.

Jakarta makes Papuans sick: it diagnoses, writes prescriptions, and provides medication to cure the very same illnesses that it causes. Jakarta exterminates Papuans by controlling both poison and antidote. Papuans are cut off from their roots and float like water lilies on the surface of Indonesia’s settler colony – they appear free and vibrant, but in reality, their roots have been severed. This is by far the most sophisticated psychological weapon ever devised by any self-aware species in the known universe.

Growing up in my village, I had no idea I was black and Papuan, or that being black and Papuan was bad, until I moved to colonial towns and cities. From that moment on, I knew I was living in a system designed to oppress and alienate people like me.

On both the Eastern and Western sides of this illegal colonial border, Papuans still live in a state of an induced coma. Papuans in West Papua are being reprogrammed to think of themselves as Asians, while Papuans in Papua New Guinea are being reprogrammed to think of themselves as Australians. As a result, Papuans have been physically, cosmologically, linguistically, and epistemologically dislocated from the centre of their own stories and forced to live in the stories of others.  We are being held captive within this imaginary illegal colonial border.

As long as we remain in this colonial induced coma, we will forever be beggars on our streets, while thieves from the West and East continue to drain the blood of ancient lands, seas and forests.

One of the (martyred) great sons of Africa – Steve Biko – already warned us: The most potent weapon in the hands of the oppressor is the mind of the oppressed.

The Genesis Of This Journey 

I was born in a highland village in West Papua during an Indonesian invasion of the highland region in the late 1970s following the 1969 UN’s sponsored controversial ‘Act of Free Choice’, which Papuans called ‘No Act of Free Choice’.  

In 1977, mothers in the villages were excited when they heard big birds coming from the sky, believing gifts were about to arrive. In excitement, they sang and danced. They were unaware that those big birds were Indonesian jet fighters dropping bombs over their villages. The bombings were carried out with the support of western governments and with the UN’s complicity.

What if the answer to our questions is in the questions themselves? 

What if all that you know, or think you know, about anything and everything may be false? The lack of reference points makes it impossible to distinguish what you already know from what you don’t know. Therefore, no other knowledge can be ascertained other than what you already know. In that case, how can you be certain that what you know is true?




As a species, we are well-armed and dangerously so

Animals do not engage in violence of this kind. They do not kill and destroy each other for an idea, a belief, a pleasure, or a symbol. But we humans do, and that is a great tragedy. Mankind becomes a victim of life, or life becomes a victim of mankind; it’s hard to tell which is which. We think humanity’s wars are over. No – humanity cannot pull itself together and put aside trivial differences. The great war is coming. The great reset is coming. Be prepared.

The existential knots we are entangled in will probably require an outside liberator to free us, since any liberation ideas brought by humans will almost certainly end in tragedy.

Born with hope, live with hope, and die with hope  

I believe that human sickness has permeated into the very structure of existence. Why do we kill one another? Why do we hate each other? I want to know why we are constantly at war at every level: individual, family, community, national. We cut down billions of trees that we turn into paper – paper we use to write essays and dissertations in order to explain why we tear each other apart. But no answer has yet been found amongst the gallons of ink we spill.

Could human beings ever reconcile and accept each other’s differences? 

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