This is my village Kirabaga in the highland of Papua
Allow me to greet you all in my original language Lani

Welcome to Kurumbi Wone

I want to take this opportunity to express my deep gratitude to God for allowing me to live on this planet for 43 years. There have been so many times where I nearly died but I was saved by God’s grace. I also would like to express my acknowledgement to my ancestors, parents, wife and my children and all the people in Papua, Australia and all over the world who sacrificed their lives and time for me to be where I am. I want you to know that all of you are my heroes. Thank you for your sacrifice. I also would like to take this opportunity to express my sincere apology if my 43 years existence on this planet has caused some pains, heartaches and inconvenience in your life. I hope you can forgive me. I also would like to ask you to email or call me directly if you have any issues, questions or suggestions about this website and any of its contents including images, colours and symbols. Many complex ideas, theories and terminologies have been used on this website and I will try my best to explain on each of the key topics outlined here as we continue on this heart-wrenching journey of transcendental inquest.

Please be advised that there will  be many propositions put forward and inferences made on this website that will be controversial or questioanble  to some people

Genesis of this Journey 

 I was born in a highland village of Papua (Binime) during the bombing of my village in 1977 by Indonesia, whose military forces were bolstered with weapons, bombs, and machines supplied by Australia and America. My entire forty three-year journey until now has been to find out why – why did they attack my people and bomb my village? I asked this question. The horror stories of the 1977 massacre I was told, by my relatives who survived the attack and there more I witness the slaughter and abused of Papuans every day, the more questions have emerged in my mind and it has taken me over forty years to put the pieces of puzzle together. Why did they bomb my village? Below is the answer I have found during years of research.

1. This is what humans do to each other and have done so for thousands of years

2. A psychological, religious, racial, intellectual, social, cultural, political, economic, educational, legal and existential war has been waged against specifically, the black human race on this planet. What the White man and Indonesian have done was part of a larger war against all black people all over the world.

3. They said that they attacked us because we were black, because we were primitive savages, because Indonesia wanted our land. And so, the Western world watched on in support, stealing our natural resources to build their war- machine civilisation.

The word “civilization” is a magic word used to cover up their heinous crimes committed against the natural world

When Papuans are labelled as uncivilised (versus the “civilised” West and Indonesian) it does not mean anything to me. It is an absurd weak argument – a misconstrued view on the reality of human sickness, because I have yet to find a civilised Western or Indonesian man on this planet. I only met people with different views on existance and some have more sophisticated ways of viewing themselves and others.  They used this word “civilization” to destroy what was authentic and original. What I have witnessed is unrelenting savagery, cruelty, greed, and terrorism from Indonesia and the West, against Papuans. I only see members of the same human species treating one another differently in the name of religion, culture, politics, and ideology. We are all sitting in the same sinking boat, and rather than fix the leaks, we are instead killing one another. It is illogical, and yet here we are.

A deeper look in the nature of human sickness

The more I think I know, the more I realise that I know nothing.
The more I think I have finally found the answer, the more I realise I cannot grasp it.
The more I follow this trail of blood, the more the trail fades into the darkness, disappearing before my eyes.
The more I investigate the crime scene, the more I realise that I too am entangled in this heinous crime.
The more I search for the perpetrators, the more I see the perpetrator in the mirror.
The more I search for the source of the sickness, the more I realise it has spread into the human heart and mind.

To be or not to be, to love or to hate

Diagnosing and understanding the tragedy and drama of life is not easy – they are not presented as black and white. These are multifaceted and complex problems, so deeply rooted in our biology, society, and culture. There is a deep conflict at the individual level, but also visible in the family and society, playing out under the banner of race, ethnicity, political and cultural ideologies. There are inevitable biological conflicts present in the condition of the human survival instinct.

The greatest error that we humans have been making for thousands of years is that we misunderstand, miscommunicate, misinterpret, and misjudge one another. All it takes to see this is to look at our never-ending conflicts that fill up our lives on a daily basis with our own family, friends, and communities. Fortunately, we humans also have the capacity to tolerate, love, and forgive, otherwise our species would have driven itself to extinction thousands of years ago.

I am not asking more than what Shakespeare asked: “To be, or not to be, that is the question.” To love or to hate; to forgive or to take revenge; to care or to curse – these are our questions.

I believe that the human sickness spreads deep into the structure of existence itself. I want to know why do we kill one another? Why do we hate one another? How can we hate and kill, but also love and forgive? I want to know why we are constantly at war on every level: individual, family, community, national. I want to explore this darkness – follow the trail of blood and find the source of the slaughter and hate.

This website, Kurumbi Wone, is a platform where we share information about the slaughtering of the original first nation people on this planet by modern, man-made machines and institutions. Here we can also share warnings and critical information about the danger as we navigate down the dark corridor in search of the source of the human sickness. Kurumbi Wone is an ancient phrase in Lani language of the highland of Papua; it means warning message.

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