Kirabaga village in the highland of Papua
Allow me to greet you all in my original language Lani

Welcome to Kurumbi Wone

These are uncertain times as humankind is slowly but surely being re-programmed to think and feel specific ways under the cursed covid-19 pandemic. It seems that the old world is dying, and a new one is being born, and we are in the middle of it –standing at a crossroads, gazing at some cataclysmic collapse looming all around. In this kind of world, we are no longer have the luxury of carrying on our daily activities with old ideas, beliefs and assumptions that brought us here. We need to step back a bit and re-examine everything that we once held as truth and see if we missed something crucial along the way towards our conquest of nature. Hopefully, if we are humble and sincere about it, it might give us a new sight (worldview) to build a better world for our children, or maybe we are too late for redemption, and we keep march on until mother nature stops us.

This website, Kurumbi Wone, is a platform where we share information about these types of issues. Here we can share warnings and critical information about dangers that humanity faces as we navigate down the dark corridor, searching for the source that put us in this predicament.

Kurumbi Wone is an ancient phrase in Lani language of the highland of Papua; it means warning message.

“Please be advised that there will be many propositions put forward and inferences made on this website that will be controversial or questionable  to some people”

Genesis of this Journey 

I was born in a highland village of Papua at a climactic moment during an Indonesian invasion of the highland region following the 1969 UN’s controversially sponsored Act of Free Choice, which Papuans consider as the No Act of Free Choice.  

“My people misunderstand me because they think I am hiding Whiteman’s magic from them. The Whiteman misunderstands me because they think I am a primitive cannibal. I cannot tell them that both are wrong because they both lack critical information and when I try to share this critical missing link information, they still misunderstand me. So, I am in agony from being misunderstood”

The word “civilization” is a magic word used to cover up some of the heinous crimes committed against the natural world

It does not mean anything to me when Papuans are labelled as uncivilized (versus the “civilized” West and Indonesian). It is an absurd weak argument – a misconstrued view on the reality of human sickness because I have yet to find a civilized moral Western or Indonesian man. I have only met people with different perspectives on existence, and some have more sophisticated ways of viewing themselves than others. 

They use the word “civilization” to destroy what was once authentic and original. I have witnessed unrelenting savagery, cruelty, greed, and terrorism from Indonesia and the West against Papuans. All I see are members of the same human species treating one another differently in the name of religion, culture, politics, and ideology. We are all sitting in the same sinking boat, and rather than fixing the leaks, we are instead killing one another. Most of the time, those who preach the gospel of civilization carry out most barbarism.

 “To be modern is consume nature; To be materialistic and civilised is to prostitutionise nature; To be developed is to destroy nature”

A deeper look into the nature of the human sickness

The more I think I know, the more I realize that I know nothing.
When I think I have finally found the answer, the more I realize I cannot grasp it.
The more I follow the trail of blood, the more the trail fades into darkness, disappearing before my eyes.
When I investigate crime scenes, the more I realize that I too am entangled in this heinous crime.

“If I were one of Adolf Hitler’s most trusted men during the extermination of the Jews, I would have done horrible things to human beings.  

 to love or to hate, Revenge or Forgive 

Diagnosing and understanding the tragedy and drama of life is not easy – they are not presented as black and white. These are multifaceted and complex problems, so deeply rooted in our biology, society, and culture. 

The greatest error that we humans have been making for thousands of years is that we misunderstand, miscommunicate and misjudge one another. All it takes is to look at our never-ending conflicts that fill up our daily lives with our own family, friends, communities and Nations. Fortunately, as humans we have the capacity to tolerate, love, and forgive. 

I am not asking more than what Shakespeare asked: “To be, or not to be, that is the question.” To love or to hate; to forgive or to take revenge; to care or to curse – these should be our questions.

“Sometimes I wonder why Jesus did not pick up a sword and avenge the death of hundreds of his tribe men and women who died on the Roman’s cross”

I believe that the human sickness has spread deep into the structure of existence. I want to know, why do we kill one another? Why do we hate one another? How can we hate and kill, but also love and forgive? I want to know why we are constantly at war on every level: individual, family, community, national. I want to explore this darkness – follow the trail of blood and find the source of this slaughter and hate.

“We are one but different; and we are different but one”

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