Bewildered man of nature

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1st December 2020

By: Yamin Kogoya

Oh… Papua, you are like:

A man entangled by his own trap

A man with a chain saw wanting to cut tiny grass

A man who never obeys the sound of his own alarm

A grown man who never found his biological parents

A man who turns up to a party after the party is over

A man running on a treadmill, never going anywhere

Like a man with a razor blade wanting to cut a mighty tree

A drunken man who beats up his wife for his gambling addiction

A young man who wants to run fast, but does not know the road

A blind man slapping the face of someone helping him cross the road

A man who throws away the antidote that could cure his dying mother

Like a man who dwells in his own house and yet unable to detect the leaks

A man with flawless eyesight, but fails to see neither the sunrise nor sunset

A man who tears paper from an ancient sacred text to use it as a rollie paper.

A great fisherman exchanging his fresh catch with tinned fish from a local store

A man who plans to build a bridge across a river when there is no river to cross

A man who parks his car at the airport, but then forgets and catches a taxi home

Like a man who rescues an empty shed instead of a local library from a raging fire

A dying old man who wants to kill all his pigs without thinking about his grandkids

A homeless man standing in the rain at the train station waiting for the departed train

An innocent man waiting for execution, falsely charged for crimes he never committed

A drunken man who tears down his own house for firewood to warm him during winter

Like a man searching for the house key in his pocket while children die inside the house

A man with two healthy legs complaining about not having shoes to an amputated man

Like a person embarking on a long holiday after a day’s work at the emergency call centre

A father who never reads bedtime stories to his children

A father who is never at home with his children at the dinner table

Like a drunken husband who forgets his clothes and put on his wife’s clothes

Like a groom leaving his new bride in her hotel room by herself on their wedding night and goes to a brothel

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