Easter and Passover Resurrection 2022

Those who follow bodily religions are celebrating Passover and Easter today. As these religions have a specific origin in time and space, so too do they have an end in time and space. These religions are part of our current world’s system – not eternal – so their understanding of time is limited. However, they depict future events in their eschatological teachings.

Therefore, that forced perspective will distort teleologically understood events as the destiny of a world trapped in the body of Spirit, from which religion cannot free its devotees.

However, they prophesied a liberation. Predictions were made by presenting a historical event that did not occur but was inevitable. We are still waiting for these prophecies in their eschatological teachings to be fulfilled. Those who follow these teachings say the end times are upon us, unfolding right before our very eyes.

With Passover, the Angel of Death is passing over our world as it is now, not how it was in the past in Egypt. Today, Egypt and its materialistic values enslave the world. It is consumerism, profanity, vulgarity, corruption and degradation. This artificial world order is crumbling from its internal rot.

God’s loyal servants, who choose to be part of God’s chosen people, must now leave behind the Egypt of the fallen world. It’s not an inheritance of genealogy; it’s not something passed down to future generations by the family, jobs, titles, or privileges. But a new family of God was chosen and rescued to enter Noah’s Ark from the flood of Egypt, Babylon, Greece, Rome, Britain and the Anglo-American empire. 

Each soul must make this choice for oneself, and it has nothing to do with a belief system. Instead, it involves the actual liberation of your Spirit from your inner-world decaying of Egypt, Babylon and Anglo-American. The Ram must be sacrificed before the Angel of Death appears, and if you have not crossed the Red Sea, you must cross the sea of your own blood. You have to make that choice now.

Have you sacrificed your inner Ram for the service of your God? The worldly Ram must be sacrificed so that the true self – the new Spirit – may be born. The Angel of death will pass over your dwelling place because you reside with God in the inner sanctum of the Divine Heart.

But have you made that sacrifice and crossed the Red Sea of the blood ties of your family, tribe, nation, and culture of Egypt? Did you follow God’s instructions to reach the holy mountain and receive the new commandments? The new dispensation, the new understanding of who you are?

God commands us to leave Egypt, go off the grid and enter the world that can confer powers that Egypt cannot – leaving behind Egypt’s glamorous enticements, diversions, and defilements. This is so that one’s worthiness of God can be restored; that one’s worship of the golden calf of the world can cease.

Plagues are on the rise, and they are getting worse. Daily social, political, and climatic plagues –  actual plagues of disease, famine, war, conflict of every kind – all before horsemen of the apocalypse are galloping upon the world and trotting civilisation underfoot.

We see the end coming, but will we get out of Egypt in time? Or will we wave goodbye to those who have already left and wish we had gone but didn’t dare to do so? So that the Red Sea would open for us? Moses: the name means to be drawn out, to be extricated from oneself, one’s family context, one’s religious context, one’s cultural context; to be drawn out, to individuate, to abandon the familiar, the easy, the comfort zone, to climb the holy mountain alone, in solitude, to find God’s face.

Have you seen the face of your God? Do you know your God? Do you know your relationship with God? Have you received God’s commandment? Do you follow it?

Are you becoming worthy of entering the promised land? Only those with the courage to go through the sacrificial act of death and rebirth, where all traces of the worldly impurity have been annihilated, will be able to pass through the needle’s eye and enter the Holy Land of the Spirit – accessible only spiritually; going through the portal of the singularity, the end of the world, and its beginning.

It will take absolute purity and dematerialisation to go through that portal; complete disidentification from the myth of matter and the world – an act requiring transforming a material body into a body of light.

The light body is the resurrection body, and Christ ascended in the light body. But this event, too, was a future foretold. But is that your future? Do you cultivate this kind of transformation in your life? Are you leaving a dead body, a dead mind, a dead language, and a dead spirit behind? Are you being reborn?

Is your mind dissolving into unreality, a figure from a dream, and all that is pure Spirit itself, which is formless, the holiness of God? You are made of the very essence of God and can transform your vehicle into vibrational resonance with God’s Spirit.

Through the absolute stilling of the mind and its movements, the illusory energy field of a physical body appears, which must be cut away. So that your body’s atoms no longer have to be constrained by a force field, that it can pass through the final moment and enter the next cycle of reality without colliding with anything. Because All have been made to vibrate on that one frequency of absolute presence of God. Transfiguration of Christ – pure radiant light. 

As beings of light, it is this Omega point of Spirit, at the exact moment that the Angel of Death’s radiation clouds cover the globe in nuclear winter, that will be necessary for us to go through the portal of dematerialisation and re-create a new spring; pay attention to the precise moment, unaffected by the past, for which we will all have amnesia.

 All religions are preparing for entering through that Omega point, but one must lose any connection with worldly identity, form, or attachment to enter through that point. Only complete emptiness, complete surrender, complete union with the fullness of the ruling power, of supreme light, is the only way to pass from the world of death into the world of eternal life.

When properly understood, all religions are instruction manuals on how to attain this God-given birthright of God’s Light. Still, it cannot be attained; it cannot be sustained; it cannot be achieved until the illusory existential ego is completely destroyed. It is this act of God.

The true self must be liberated. Look for those who are loyal to the Holy Spirit. For three days, the cave in which Christ was buried remains empty, but he has been working in the realms of hell, wreaking havoc on every last demon of the subconscious. Thus, our body does not end with the death of the ego but with the death of every mental parasite, every notion from every fantasy, every delusion that separates us from the light.

Have you defeated all kinds of demons and monsters as Christ did, or have you chosen to satisfy your whims and indulge in whatever you like – even dining with demons themselves beneath the dungeon of death?

This ultimate and absolute purification of not only individual heirlooms but also the collective must be accomplished by those chosen for resurrection.

Therefore, the collective consciousness of those who will come cannot be contaminated by such evil entities that we ourselves have created in the course of our nightmarish abandonment of the abode of God. Instead, it is to maintain that purified form of presence that can give birth to new forms of life in a world where nature becomes benign.

Every living thing lives in benevolent harmony. We must have achieved our own crucifixion and ascension in order to bring the world to such a state. Now you, the Christ Self, must be risen. The event cannot wait; Christ must be risen now. 

You can no longer hide behind the curtain by retelling the First Historical Christ Resurrection story once a year. This is a dead religious cultural practice. We are meant to also resurrect from the dead. The problem is that we remain dead, and we use Christ’s resurrection story to justify our dead bodies, ideas, minds, and spirits. We don’t realise that we are dead, but we believe that we are alive because we believe in Christ’s resurrection story. The historical resurrection story cannot be used to mask our own rebellion against God’s desire to redeem all creation, including our own lost souls.

Every year you repeat, “We live because Christ lives”, but I ask you: do you live in the Spirit of resurrected Christ, or does Christ live through your resurrected life?

Are we unaware of all the demonic activities, neurotic attitudes, and parasitic habits that are associated with our self-righteous claim of belonging to Christ’s religious club and plotting to have Him crucified? What makes you believe you will not be among the angry mob that shouts to crucify Christ, back then in Jerusalem, and now in your own town?

If you are Christ’s follower or believer, you must resurrect now from your own death with all the rotten ideas you’ve gathered through your religious indoctrination about Christ. Christ’s throne, which your parasite ego has seized, must be liberated, and the rightful king must return.

As interconnected manifestations of the same self, we must live without any sense of superiority or inferiority, envy, competition, judgment, fear or desire, and live for the will of the ultimate one whose presence alone justifies and enables us to exist.

Those trapped inside human relationships that are based on toxic desires, manipulations, wishes, lies, betrayals, revenge, and propaganda must be freed.

The tormented Spirit of Cosmic interconnected Life that has been dissected, classified, categorised, and manipulated by human intellect, religious doctrine, and civilisational projects must now be redeemed.

Spiritual warriors are called to resist deferring, delaying, and denying but act now. We are achieving complete sovereignty of Spirit over Matter. To bring about the age of Spirit-based civilisation, we must destroy matter-based civilisation, matter-based systems, matter-based human values, family and community relationships, and matter-based projects of human advancement.

Matter is dead, only Spirit lives. 

In the cave of the dead, Christ defeated matter and was resurrected in Spirit. Are you defeating your own worldly matter and resurrecting with Christ in your own cave of the dead?

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