Epistemology is a discipline that is concerned with the theory of knowledge. It asks questions such as “what is knowledge?”, “How do we know what we know?”, “What are the criteria for knowledge?”, and “what is the knowledge of criteria?”. These questions help us to determine what constitutes knowledge, and how we justify whether it is true knowledge or mere belief. We inherited this way of thinking from Ancient Greece. 

The word epistemology is derived from the Greek word episteme, meaning knowledge, and the suffix –logy, which is the branch of philosophy concerned with knowledge. Arguably, the fragmentary and categorical thinking of the Ancient Greeks laid the foundation for Western scientific, materialistic, and individualistic civilisation. Aristotle said, All men by nature desire to know.” The Western European mind was shaped by the fragmented nature of Ancient Greek thought, in which the whole is dissected into smaller parts so that it can be classified, categorised, and objectified in hierarchical order. 

This philosophy provided the blueprint for our modern and scientific worldview. Atom, a word that is fundamental to our understanding of the structure of the material universe, was formulated by Democritus, an early pre-Socratic philosopher. Atom or Atomos means something which cannot be derived or dissected any further. Below is how the logic of domination epistemology operates:

Entity A told Entity B that A discovered B.

A then informs B that B has a problem.

A convinced B that A has a solution for B’s problem.

B is unaware that this entire problem was invented by A.

A created and controls both narratives:  A with  a solution, and B with a problem.

In doing so,  A generated and controlled  information about both A and B.

In this way, A controls B’s perception of reality.

 A turned B into a problem. When B searches for a solution, A offers B the solution to fix the problem which was created by A in the first place.

The real sickness is the knowledge system concocted by A to deceive B and B’s inability  to recognise how this epistemological control system operates.

The white man has dominated and controlled all black men through his epistemological logic. The white man has, for 500 hundred years, tried to objectify and commodify the black man into the lowest category of creation, and classifying  black humanity as unequal to the rest of humanity. This has been the most evil and despicable idea ever devised by man. It has been used to justify catastrophic and heinous crimes committed against the original black human family on this planet. The tragedy of colonial dehumanisation stems from this hierarchical categorisation of species, and the decisions that white men have made about which is superior and which is inferior.

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