Jesus of Papua – Have You Seen Him?

Yamin Kogoya

Jesus of Papua does not have a nationality;
He is of a different world.
Pure hearts are the only heirs of his realm.

Born to a peasant mother of a remote village
The Indonesian legions crucify his tribesmen who fight against the occupation.
Some tribes reject him
Family members object him

Public opinion turns against him
His religious leaders are plotting to have him killed
The OPM freedom fighters resent him
A close friend betrays him
Intellectual elites mock him
Indonesian migrants fear him, while others look to him for hope
Religious missionaries feel threatened by his presence

Among learned men, he has no position
Writes no books
Possesses nothing of this world.
In the eyes of the world, he has no credibility
His name is not adorned with academic degrees or titles
He doesn’t have fans on Facebook or Twitter

A Javanese prostitute welcomes him and shares a meal with him
Slum beggars follow and believe in him
The generals of Indonesia’s armed forces recognize his power and find new hope in him
A power that is not of this world.

Church leaders despise him
A local governor asked him questions but did not wait for an answer
Jakarta’s imperial planners do not consider his story to be that consequential.

His closest friends aren’t from the famous tribes of Biak, Lani, Mee, Asmat, Korowai, Amungme, Muyu, Maybrat, or Dani…
His loyal friends come from an obscure tribe

He is not just another fraudulent independent leader
Not just another failed OPM leader
Nor another Messiah bringing political freedom to Papuans

His agenda transcends Jakarta’s imperial agenda
He has a much bigger plan than Jakarta, Washington, London, Beijing, and Moscow combined.
His vision is bigger than OPM, ULMWP, and KNPB
The agendas of the churches and the UN don’t even come close to his
Yet, almost no one recognises him as he mingles amongst religious celebrities

He stands in the middle of two world orders
He is the cornerstone of the new world order
To restore and redeem human hearts
To give Papuans new hearts, new minds, new sight, and new bodies.

He wants to establish a new state in the heart of every man and woman
A state without a flag, corruption, national anthem, army, money, or constitution
The only attributes of his new state are truth, love, and grace.

This Jesus of Papua walks amongst you, somewhere on the streets of Jayapura, Wamena, Merauke, Biak, Serui, Fak-Faka, Sorong, Paniai, Nabire, Yahukimo, Tolikara, Lanny Jaya, and Intan Jaya…

Have you seen this man?

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2 thoughts on “Jesus of Papua – Have You Seen Him?”

    • Along with other figures like Buddah and Muhammad, Jesus, despite his timeless, transcendent message, is the most misunderstood figure in the history of mankind. The religion of Christianity has distorted the personhood of Jesus.


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