Easter and Passover Resurrection 2022

Those who follow bodily religions are celebrating Passover and Easter today. As these religions have a specific origin in time and space, so too do they have an end in time and space. These religions are part of our current world’s system – not eternal – so their understanding of time is limited. However, they … Read more

Why Governor Lukas Enembe is inviting Russia’s Putin to Papua

Papua’s governor, Lukas Enembe, had an hour meeting with Russian ambassador Lyudmila Vorobyeva, accompanied by the director of the Russian Centre for Science and Culture in Jakarta on Monday, 28 March, 2022. The governor also had his small team with him – Samuel Tabuni (CEO of Papua Language Institute), Alex Kapisa (Head of the Papua … Read more

How colonial puppeteer Indonesia uses ‘autonomy’ to disempower Papuans

Settler-colony – the logic of ‘destroy to replace’Indonesia’s occupation in West Papua is not temporary — they are not simply taking resources and going home. The Indonesians want to make West Papua their permanent home. This is a permanent population resettlement colonial project based on the logic of destroy to replace. Papuans are being destroyed … Read more

How Google moulds public opinion on West Papua, disrupts education

Google images of a country or region can offer a wealth of information about the people and cultures that live there. Some images accurately portray reality while others present camouflage, attempting to deceive or twist our perception. From a marketing standpoint, it’s all about selling the national identity, brands and products. When you type “West … Read more

Papuaphobia: Anatomy of a Papuan Genocide

Yamin Kogoya The colonial notion of ‘civilising primitive Papuans’ has distorted Papuan perceptions of the world and themselves. This distortion began with how New Guinea and its people were described in early colonial literature: unintelligent pygmies, cannibals and pagan savages – people devoid of value. Not only did this depiction foster a racist outlook but … Read more

Jesus of Nazareth – Have You Met Him?

Yamin Kogoya Jesus of Nazareth did not have a nationality;He belonged to another KingdomPure hearts are the only heirs of His Kingdom.His close friend John said he was the Logos – the beginner of all beginningsThe Roman legions crucified his tribesmen who fought against the Roman occupation. Born to a mother of an obscure village … Read more

Jesus of Papua – Have You Seen Him?

Yamin Kogoya Jesus of Papua does not have a nationality;He is of a different world.Pure hearts are the only heirs of his realm. Born to a peasant mother of a remote villageThe Indonesian legions crucify his tribesmen who fight against the occupation.Some tribes reject himFamily members object him Public opinion turns against himHis religious leaders … Read more

60 years ago, Indonesia invaded West Papua with guns. 60 years later, they are still ruling it with guns

Yamin Kogoya reporting from the land of Wuli Wuli, Wulawarra, Jagara, Jarowair, Jangga, Giabal, Garumngar, Turrubul… This past week marked 60 years since West Papua declared independence on 1 December 1961. Around the world, Papuans and solidarity groups commemorated this national day in melancholic spirits – the weight of that fateful day carries courage and … Read more

60th Anniversary of the Birth of Papuan State – Betrayal and Resurrection

Yamin Kogoya – Wednesday, 1 December 2021 from the land of Wuli Wuli, Wulawarra, Jagara, Jarowair, Jangga, Giabal, Garumngar, Turrubul… Birth of Papuan State The 1st of December 2021 marks 60 years since the State of Papua came into being in 1961. In a few centuries, one of the well-known figures who helped shape the … Read more

I Didn’t Choose To Come Here And I Have No Say In Whether I Stay Or Leave This Planet

By Yamin Kogoya My journey here is a complete mystery. Did I get to decide if I wanted to come here? No. I cannot recall anything. The only thing I am aware of is that I am here – witnessing everything that is going on, at visible and invisible levels, eating, drinking, procreating, fighting, and … Read more

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