Egianus Kogoya: Resurrection

Come forth, ye sons of the earthAwaken the tormented spirits of your ancestorsDraw upon their wisdom, and proudly blaze a new trail of your ownto reclaim your birthright and forge a new destinyStrengthen your resolve to make your mark on the world, like a phoenix rising from the ashes, ready to soar and take its … Read more

I Did Not Choose to Come Here and I Have No Say in Whether I Stay or Leave This Planet

My journey here is a complete mystery. Did I get to decide if I wanted to come here? No. I didn’t choose to come here, and I have no say in whether I stay or leave this planet. This journey is arbitrary in the sense that I was thrown into this drama without my consent. As … Read more

West Papua’s Resistance Leaders: Tragedy and Hope

Power: Rasing and fallingIn halls of power, where leaders reign,their decisions echo far and wide,the consequences of their wrought gain,both admiration and hurt collide,the line between courage and folly,is blurred and treacherous at best,for in the end, the heart is jolly,or heavy, with pain and unrest. A leader’s rise, a sight to behold,as courage drives … Read more

West Papua & MSG: An Epic Tale of Betrayal and Hope

How could you?The sacred trust, a bond divine,the trust we shared was a fragile art,a delicate dance, a work of the heart,but you didn’t treat it with the respect it deserved,and left me with nothing but shattered nerves. How could you betray the scared trust,How could you betray it with such ease,and leave my heart … Read more

MSG’s Noise & Silence

MSG’s Noise and Silence NoiseVibrant hues of orange, red and yellow dance across the barren landscape on scorched soil.Colours of fading light reflected in the shadows of a tragic landscape – the sound of innocents reverberating.A heavy cloud of despair hangs in the air as children’s anguish echo into nothing.Thunderous gunshots spread terror.Into the lake … Read more

Reverend Dr. Ambirek G. Socratez Yoman: A message of hope and prayers for ULMWP in Vanuatu

According to Reverend Dr. Ambirek G. Socratez Yoman, United Liberation Movement for West Papua (ULMWP) is like a big house or boat, owned by the people and the nation of Papua. Upon this big boat rests prayers, hopes, longings, struggles, dreams, and ideals with a profound sense of justice, peace, and dignity. According to Rev. … Read more

Prayers for MSG and ULMWP leaders

Dear God of Mercy and Justice NATION OF PAPUA – this is my name. Also known as OPM, ULMWP, NRFPB, WPNCL, West Papua National Parliament, KNPB, TPNPB, WPLO, AMP and many more. Dear God, the God of Mercy and Justice, ULMWP and MSG leaders are gathering, and you know what is at stake in this … Read more

The Power of Words

Word uttered, but no authority.No redemptive power,no healing power,no grace,tossed out like toxic gases floating through the air, devoid of life.Tasteless, faceless fireflies without luminescence.Empty words with no substance,as if reading a script rather than watching actors –a blank canvas, no story to illustrate.A dark sky without stars, no guiding light. False words spoken.A whisper … Read more

Paradise Bombed

The Paradise Bombed Documentary about West Papua by Kristo Langker  Paradise bombed.A swarm of savage civilised species on the march…wreaking havoc on the last paradise landscape.The unyielding machine on parade.Bombing like a snow globe, last glimmer of humanity’s hope destroyed.A natural cathedral destroyed – a gaping void left in its place.Earth’s timeless memory erased – … Read more

Papua’s Hopes and Tragedies

Tragedy & HopeThe household is divided.Comrades are betrayed.Destruction of comradery comes from within; the enemy’s weapon is wielded by brother against brother.Two brothers fighting for control of a sinking boat is the reason the boat sinks.He fights his brother over dinner as the enemies burn his house down.Slander is louder than the redemptive logos.Fighting over … Read more

Benny Wenda: Son Of An Ancient Race

Tabenak Wa Kogurakem Son of an ancient racea living relica precious black pearlthe last of its kinda symbol of humanity’s past and future.Survivor of an unmatched tragedy in a fallen world.A seed of the past and future.A symbol of hope, for a species in the process of being exterminatedby the relentless march of a soulless … Read more

Can the MSG be the answer to the future crisis humanity faces? Or will it serve as a steppingstone for the world’s criminals, thieves, and murders to desecrate our Melanesia?

“Rebuilding our Melanesia for our future” is the theme chosen by the Melanesian Spearhead Group (MSG) for their 7th Melanesian Arts and Cultural Festival (MACFEST) this year. Vanuatu hosted the event in Port Vila, which opened last Wednesday and ends next Monday. The event was hosted by the MSG, which includes Fiji, New Caledonia’s Front de … Read more

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