Where is West Papua Now?

Yamin Kogoya The Indonesian parliament in Jakarta passed legislation on 30 June 2022, to split West Papua into three more pieces. The Papuan people’s unifying name for their independence struggle, West Papua, is now being shattered by Jakarta’s draconian policies. Under this new legislation, the two existing provinces have been divided into five, which include … Read more

Sorong Samarai – Calling for Reunification and Healing

By Airileke Sacred knowledge is preserved in our tattoos. They are a symbol of matriarchy & empowerment for our young girls and women … but waters will rise & waters will fall. Revereva tattoos almost became a lost art form, but what was damaged by confused & arrogant men, is now on a journey of … Read more

Papuans mourn sudden loss of ‘one of their brightest stars’

OBITUARY: By Yamin Kogoya The sudden death of activist Leonie Tanggahma has shaken Papuan communities. Her loss last week has shocked West Papuans who regarded her as one of those who had stood strong for decades advocating independence for the Indonesian-ruled region. She had lived for decades in the Netherlands among hundreds of exiled Papuans who had left … Read more

Fate of Papua’s Governor Enembe – the ‘son of Koteka’ – lies in balance amid allegations

Alleged corruption involving Governor Lukas Enembe has dominated both Papuan and Indonesian media outlets and social media groups over the past two weeks. The Indonesian media is rife with allegations and accusations against the governor who is suspected of spending of billions in rupiahs. These media storms are sparked by allegations against him of receiving … Read more

Papuan protesters warn Jakarta – ‘don’t criminalise’ Governor Enembe

Papuan protesters from seven customary regions this week stormed the Mako Brimob police headquarters in Kota Raja, Jayapura, accusing the KPK and police of “criminalising” local Governor Lukas Enembe. The protest on Monday was organised in response to the Komisi Pemberantasan Korupsi (KPK) Corruption Eradication Commission’s attempt to investigate corruption allegations against Governor Lukas Enembe. … Read more


PAPUAN ONTOLOGYTheir island is blackWhen it rains, it rains blackTheir rivers are blackTheir gold and diamonds are blackForests are blackAll animals are blackTheir gods are also blackBlack is their skin colourTheir language is blackThe hair is blackWhen they cry, their tears are blackWhen they bleed, the blood is blackTheir history is blackTheir future is blackThey … Read more

Fatal disconnect between Jakarta and West Papua worsens settler-colonial occupation

Jakarta seems to suffer from cognitive dissonance or cognitive disconnect when dealing with West Papua — a lack of harmony between its heart, words, and actions. Cognitive dissonance is, by definition, a behavioural dysfunction with inconsistency in which the personal beliefs held, what has been said, and what has been done contradict each other. Vice-chair … Read more

Easter and Passover Resurrection 2022

Those who follow bodily religions are celebrating Passover and Easter today. As these religions have a specific origin in time and space, so too do they have an end in time and space. These religions are part of our current world’s system – not eternal – so their understanding of time is limited. However, they … Read more

Why Governor Lukas Enembe is inviting Russia’s Putin to Papua

Papua’s governor, Lukas Enembe, had an hour meeting with Russian ambassador Lyudmila Vorobyeva, accompanied by the director of the Russian Centre for Science and Culture in Jakarta on Monday, 28 March, 2022. The governor also had his small team with him – Samuel Tabuni (CEO of Papua Language Institute), Alex Kapisa (Head of the Papua … Read more

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