Oh…my beloved Papua, they have taken away your memory

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You are like…

A driver who is unable to read road signs

Falling spring leaves floating on the winds

A dairy farmer who kills his own cows for meat

The watchman who falls asleep during his shift

A hunter who has lost his spears, but is unaware

A fool who tests the depth of water with both feet

A great dancer who dances to someone else’s tune

Like a detective who fails to resolve a heinous crime

Like a fool dreaming of being the king of a Neverland

Like a landlord forced to pay rent to dwell in his own house

A foolish slave who has been crowned as king by his master

A gardener who invites thieves to steal his beautiful flowers

A deaf dancer who continues to dance after the music stops

A drunken son that beat up his mother for giving birth to him

Two inmates who are on the death row fighting over a cracker

Like a restaurant owner who has been made to work as a waiter

A man dreaming of retirement in heaven while working for the devil

A doctor who went on a long holiday while his children are left dying

Like Sea pirates who seek advice from inland dwellers for sea navigation

A bodyguard whose life is guarded by the person he is supposed to protect

A dying preacher who refuses to take an antidote because of his religious beliefs

A mountain hiker who takes a short cut, but never reaches his destination on time

Like a driver who takes the wrong exit on the freeway and misses the last dying words of his beloved grandmother

                                                                                                KURUMBI WONE by Yamin Kogoya

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