Papuan Holocaust


The Indonesian military and police, with the full backing of Western governments, are carrying out a holocaust against the original inhabitants of Papua. This is machine man’s final assault on the last original men on this planet. Highly organised international crime syndicates, who control the UN and many other regional and international organisations, have been trying to stop people finding out what the Indonesian state is doing to innocent children, mothers, fathers, and their ancestral homeland in Papua. 

These highly organised international crime syndicates are equipping the Indonesian military to murder, poison, and eliminate Papuans every day, while pillaging West Papua’s natural resources. Millions of Papuans have died; their ancestral homeland has been destroyed; and no one has been held responsible for this war crime. The demons and scavengers that destroy the children of mankind everywhere on this planet are the same people committing this heinous crime against Papuans. They are doing it by weaponising innocent men and women, who have been conned to believe in the fantasy world of machine man. 

They have mastered the system of indirect rule, in which these demons and scavengers crown the local leaders as kings and queens of “Neverland,” while destroying their original home. What they are doing to Papuans is incomprehensible. The value of human life has been reduced to the lowest, most detestable form of life on the planet. This does not reflect the beautiful original men, whom they call “Papuans,” but rather the demons and their army of the dead who roam the planet and live by spilling the blood of the innocents. 


The industrial nations who produce high-powered weapons and exploiting the Earth’s natural resources are responsible for the crime against Papuans and humanity all over the world.

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