Their island
is black
When it rains, it rains black
Their rivers are black
Their gold and diamonds are black
Forests are black
All animals are black
Their gods are also black
Black is their skin colour
Their language is black
The hair is black
When they cry, their tears are black
When they bleed, the blood is black
Their history is black
Their future is black
They are known, as black pearls
The whole world prey on these black pearls – the source of original magic.

She is in the dungeon, beneath the earth,
Chained up,
Guarded by soldiers of the deadly Zombies, who can turn into a snake, spider or the ancient monstrous bird called Garuda.
Cursed creature of the fallen children,
It consumes the blood of the innocent.
The Garuda’s fangs carry poison,
its eyes are like balls of running lava, radiating blood.
The blood of all souls that are consumed day and night,
Exhaled toxic gasses, enter the lungs of her children,
Erasing the memory of her children as they lose their minds.
Her children, desperate for an antidote,
The ancient antidote – the original
Only this antidote revives their memories.
Regaining the memories is critical to saving the original queen–the mother of all mothers.
She is alone, holding the key to restoring a sacred world containing original magic and stopping the satanic forces roaming around on the soil of children of human beings.

Rainy day. Anguished mothers comfort crying kids. A dark storm rages above me. A merciless wind whips across the scene. Standing motionless with their weapons, soldiers guard the funeral scene of the many dead.
Suddenly, I realised I was in the middle of this tragic scene – being placed in the centre of a podium with a corpse-strewn around me – to deliver a speech. Until that point, I had just realised that there have been many who have sat on that podium before me.
An unknown hand wrote the speech in an unknown language; unknown hands built the podium; the mic I held, the clothes I wore, the tie I wore and my shoes were all made by unknown hands. This whole setup made me feel like I was delivering a message of hope to anguished mothers and their children.
Little did I know I was giving my own funeral speech, in elaborately decorated attire, made by unknown hands. The scene was staged, guarded by soldiers of the dead in the distance, all standing motionless.
My stomach clenched when I realised that my only possession was my body; strangers had made everything else for me, including the coffin. At this point, I simply had two choices: run naked into the unknown thick fog or continue with my funeral speech?
This realisation marked the dawn of a new era. With the quest for those unknown.

A four-headed snake occupied my mother’s womb.
My journey to this planet began there–in that womb
The womb made me and nurtured me
She was my portal onto this planet
She taught me much -sacred knowledge and wisdom about life
Scavengers now occupy my mother’s womb
They are trampling on her sacred womb
They put poison into the womb of my mother
Their poisons turn my mother’s womb into a lifeless wasteland
Oh Papua, my mother, my womb, why?

Day turns into night, and night into day
Summer becomes winter; winter becomes summer
East becomes west; west becomes east
Ups become downs; downs become ups
Left becomes right; right becomes left
Go becomes stop; stop becomes go
No becomes yes, yes becomes no
Women become men; men become women
Children become parents; parents become children
Sister marries her brother; brother marries his sister
Men give birth; women become fathers.
Slaves become leaders; leaders become enslaved
Corrupt becomes pure; pure becomes corrupt
Lies become truth; truth becomes lies
The guilty walk free while the innocent are crucified
Love becomes hate; hate becomes love
Wrong becomes right; right becomes wrong
Dogs become trustworthy while humans become treacherous
Lion follows sheep, and hyenas eat both sheep and lion
A naked body attracts millions of views, and a prophet’s voice attracts a dozen
A poison becomes an antidote; the antidote becomes poison
Civilisation becomes Civi-lies-ation, and it turns into Evil-iesation

Criminals walk free
The innocent die
Brothers hate each other more than they hate their enemies
Pastors become agents of Satan
Street beggars become agents of God
An unknown orphan prostitute decides for the king, and everyone suffers as a result

I am progressed to death
I am developed to self-destruct
I am civilised into barbarism
I am Christianised to vague utopian ideals
I’m educated into confusion and boredomness
I am modernised to vanity

Everyone is talking, and no one is listening
Everyone is looking, and no one is seeing
Everyone is running, and no one is resting
Everyone is bailing out, and no one is persevering
Everyone is falling asleep, and no one is awake
The emergency room is overflowing
The doctor didn’t turn up
Nurses have quit their jobs
Patients, waiting in the emergency room, alone, dying
The hospital building is on fire.

Facebook reveals the secret of the meeting.
Seek comfort in the enemy’s hotel rooms at night after the secret meeting.
Unknown hands prepare and serve food and beverages during the secret meeting.
Using the language of the enemy during the secret meeting.
After everyone goes to bed, comrades stare at the screen of their smartphones all night.
On the screen, only naked bodies are seen.
The next day, I meet with God to discuss how to save humanity.
During the evening, I have dinner with the Devil to discuss how to destroy humanity
At night, I become a hyena.
During the day, we pretend to be human
Serving two masters–light and darkness

The devil went to heaven.
Why are you here early? Asked God.
I lost my job. Devil said.
What do you mean, God asked?
Your children on Earth are doing a better job than I, so I had no job to do.
After hearing this, God wept,
Devil went to his cave
God raised up his warriors for the final war
The war is on now.

A warrior lost the key to a burning house, and children were trapped inside
When I asked around where the warriors were, an old widow lady said they were at a whorehouse, drunk and passed out from the party. As a desperate mother yells and screams in anguish, she asks for the key. But it is nowhere to be found. Half-dead drunken warriors were searched for the key, but they were robbed. They were robbed during the night while lying in bed with the princesses of Harlot -the mother of Babylon.

Many enemies surround me
I have no one to turn to for help
I have no place to hide from my enemy
I have no weapon to fight my enemy
I have no allies
I am alone
Everywhere I look, I see corruption, deceit, adultery, cruelties, treachery, betrayal and death
Give me a weapon to use to fight and save my family and children
Give me the courage to face my enemy
Give me the light to see my enemy

UN is not my Aunty
European Union is not my uncle
MSG is not my brother
PIF is not my cousin
ACP is not my family
ASEAN is not my friend
NATO is not my allies
Indonesia is not my future
The international community is not my community
You sell me the concept of peace, but you take my weapons away, leaving me defenceless, while you rob everything from me.
You sell me the idea of human rights, but you don’t value and respect my rights to be human
You sell me the idea of freedom, but you take my freedom away
You promised the messianic UN would come to my rescue, but you sacrificed me on the altar of the UN
Wow, to you, oh black man, the descendants of ancient beings – you are standing alone – pick up, wake up, shake up, arm yourself, re-take what has been taken from you if you believe it is yours.

My weapons have been confiscated,

 I am forced to live with my enemy in my own house,
I have been turned into a sheep and forced to make peace with a hyena
They stripped me naked and made me swim in an icy river
They raped my daughter and force me to forgive her raper
They burned my son alive on an altar as a sacrificial offering to a demon, then force me to work for the demon
They took everything from me. I have nothing.
The only thing I have is my pet
They want to kill her too
I need a weapon to protect her

I was locked up in a cell for a crime I did not commit
There were only two items in my cell–a book and a key.
They told me I have to read and believe in the book to be free
 I spent 40 years in that cell, memorising the entire book, only to find out I only needed that key to free myself.

They erased my original memory; I no longer know who I am.
They cut my tongue, and I lost my voice, lost my sense of smell too,
I can’t remember my name, I don’t know where I have been, nor can I member where I am and where I am going. I am no longer me; I am in search of me, but I am nowhere to be found.
I Don’t know where to go, nor know what to do, how to do it or even why
I do what I hate and don’t do what I love
Asked my mother for breakfast at dinner and dinner at breakfast; I sleep during working hours and work when I should be sleeping.
I produce nothing that I consume and consume nothing I produce. I have been spoon-fed but don’t know the hands holding the spoon. So that invisible hand controls every breath I take; I taste poison in my mouth.

every breath I take; I taste poison in my mouth.

Raging lava all around me, I cannot move an inch from where I am
The flood is up to my neck
Everything is ready for a great fire, and time is running out to flee
An army of demons marching towards the foundation of the earth
My children are locked inside the house, and I have lost the keys
I see dead creatures everywhere
I want to run, but my legs have been chained up
I want to hide, but they burn my forest
I want to fly, but they clip my wings
Why God, I ask? But no answer.

They came and took it from me
The thing that makes me, me, has been robbed from my spirit
They put poison in my spirit
My soul has been poisoned
They erased my memory so that I don’t remember who I am
They use their language to place a curse on me
They kicked me out of my home
I am in the rain alone and no one hears my cry
They destroy my home and pillage it
I need to regain my consciousness
I need to regain my memory
And recognised who I am
The original me
So that I can make those monsters pay for what they have done to me

I am inside the mysterious ring
Inside the ring is the most attractive and yet the darkest place in the universe
God’s best warriors are trained, moulded, and tested inside this ring.
out of 1 million, only one thousand graduate from the ring
out of one thousand, only one hundred graduate
The ring is where a battle over mind and spirit is fought
The fate of heaven and hell, life and death are decided inside the ring
Those who enter the ring are greeted with the following words:
You can ask for anything, and we will find it for you, even if it is on the moon, we will get it for you
The secret key to the ring is: Money

An obscure prostitute touched a powerful king’s heart
He is so rich and a well-liked king
But no one who lives in his kingdom would keep his heart warm at night
He gives commands, and everyone follows
Everything he wanted, he has
But at night, in his bed, he is cold and alone
No one in his solitude could keep his soul warm
He is more vulnerable and fragile than everyone knows
He is a broken king
A king who has been disarmed by his enemies so that he cannot protect his kingdom
His tragic, broken spirit and fragility cannot be seen, it is hidden from the public eye
The king, his power and wealth blind him and everyone in his kingdom
But this power is powerless
His power couldn’t save his kingdom or himself
In the eyes of self-upright humans, the prostitute was a symbol of shame and denigration
But it is only this denigrated woman that can fill that deep void in the King’s heart
This woman became the warmest blanket for the King’s restless cold nights
The king whispers in the woman’s ear when lying in bed together about his unspoken secrets
The woman becomes the king’s daughter
A daughter that he wishes for, all day long
She becomes his non-existing daughter, lover and shelter
The king calls her ‘my daughter’

Woe to you, the cursed children of ancient warriors from the sacred land and sea
You have betrayed your brothers
You have prostituted your sisters
You tortured your own mother and father
The Satanic gases erased your history
The Devil has bought your future.
You have gambled away your land, forest, and island
Demons and monsters have taken your children as a sacrificial offering to Satanic forces
Blood of innocents are on your hands
Woe to you; you have forgotten the ancient ways, the original path to equilibrium cosmos.
A great sin stained your soul
Your treachery can’t be forgiven

Oh God, the great healer, redeemer, merciful God of heaven. Where were you when I needed you the most?
I am in darkness?  My teeth are sunk into my enemy, yet I have lost my people. Hyenas have settled down on the outpost of my ancestors.
Oh, great God of heaven and earth – the mighty warrior, I see traps and treachery everywhere. I have lost my voice while yelling for help, can’t you see my suffering? Can’t you hear my cry? Can’t you feel my pain?
Why did you allow my blessed mother to bear the suffering of conceiving me? Why did you save me from my enemy in the first place? Why didn’t you just let me die when I was weak and helpless? Why did you even think about rescuing me? For what purpose? Why did you send your messenger to warn me about the plot of my enemy? What was the purpose of that? Is it so that I can consciously witness the cruelty of humankind?
Why did you even bother to reach out to me from your holy throne? Why did you spare your precious time for people like me? What goodness did you see in me when you did all of this?
Is there any worth left in me that will be useful to rebuild your order? Will you consider employing me to rebuild this eternal order? Would you accept my resume written in the blood of your creation? Would you transform me into that if possible?
How will I even look upon your heaven with my impure eyes? How will I even listen to your music with deaf ears? How will I even drink your holy water with my unclean lips?
Oh God, the source of life… Why do you let Papua suffer so much? 

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