Paradise Bombed

The Paradise Bombed Documentary about West Papua by Kristo Langker 

Paradise bombed.
A swarm of savage civilised species on the march…wreaking havoc on the last paradise landscape.
The unyielding machine on parade.
Bombing like a snow globe, last glimmer of humanity’s hope destroyed.
A natural cathedral destroyed – a gaping void left in its place.
Earth’s timeless memory erased – humanity’s original story on a chalkboard.
Holy waterways, like gilded rivers glistening with divine light – poisoned.
Timeless exotic creatures hunted to extinction.
Bomb fire engulfs paradise plants, destroying irreplaceable treasures.
Pure paradise wilts like a rose petal in a blowtorch’s heat.
Earth’s children exiled – a butterfly caught in a raging storm, its wings torn, its body scattered.
Earth’s fatherless child on the run – a feather in the wind, uncertain where to land.
Anguished mothers seek their children, craving their embrace again, like an oyster shell seeking its pearl.
Families and clans ravaged by war search the world for reunion,
looking for lost treasures to find their beloved kin.

Paradise Bombed.
Invasion of fallen Pandemonium species
Towards the green magical earth with marching machine feet,
annihilating everything in its path,
assassinating innocents indiscriminately,
burning everything in its path without thought for morality or consequences.
premeditated executions with all the intelligence of Pandemonium sorcerers
…to rule the planet.

Paradise bombed.
Wicked civilised species on the march
Towards the last paradise – last hope of Earth’s sanctuary.
Machine demons of the sky bomb last paradise
and martyred her people mercilessly.
Demonic machines hold paradise sky hostage.
guard captive paradise’s soil with deadly tricks and weapons.
Her executioners roamed free, deciding who lives and who dies…
…as if playing a twisted game of chess where each piece is a human life.
with no value except to serve the purpose of the players.
Savagery adorned with mad myths, ideas, and beliefs –
civilization, progress, and the promise of a future heaven.

Last Paradise – why bombed.

Tuesday, August 8, 2023
Sacred home of Jagera, Giabal and Jarowair people
Yamin Kogoya

I would like to dedicate this poem to Papuans who have been tortured, killed, and bombed by the Indonesian military government in Kiwirok and other Papuan villages. Also, a big thanks to the courageous Aussie crew who produced this heartbreaking document report.

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