Prayers for MSG and ULMWP leaders

Dear God of Mercy and Justice

NATION OF PAPUA – this is my name. Also known as OPM, ULMWP, NRFPB, WPNCL, West Papua National Parliament, KNPB, TPNPB, WPLO, AMP and many more.

Dear God, the God of Mercy and Justice,

ULMWP and MSG leaders are gathering, and you know what is at stake in this gathering.

Please give the leaders the wisdom to distinguish between right and wrong, and the courage to stand up for what is right. During these turbulent times, may you grant them a spirit of discernment.

May our Melanesian and ULMWP leaders in Vanuatu be blessed with clarity of thought and strength of purpose as they make this critical decision for my future. May their collective strength be the guiding light in this process, empowering each of them to make a just and wise decision for my future.

God of heaven, God of mercy, and God of justice, help my people not to get too confused with all these different names.

The Nation of Papua is dying, and there is not much time left for my rescue. Help them act now before it’s too late.

Give them new eyes to see me dying. Let them hear my cry for justice and freedom with new ears. Renew their spirits.

Oh, dear God of heaven, I am in danger this week because I have so many enemies, so many traps, and so many ruses lie in my path. Please place your heavenly guards on my uncertain path.

Please God, prevent my people from fighting with each other over me, prevent them from spilling the blood of their own brothers and sisters, and prevent them from betraying me or one another.

I am sitting on a sinking ship with many holes; please save me from drowning.

Guide my guards, soldiers, and warriors to the path of light and do not leave them in the shadows of Harlot of Babylon, mafias, drunk and confused, fornicating with my murderers.

Please help them find me and rescue me. May your grace and mercy lead them to me so that I may be saved from this darkness and brought into your glorious light.

God, you are my merciful and just God. Please hear my desperate plea for help.

The voice of a persecuted nation – Papua.

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