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Kunume Wone - The Foundation

Kunume Wone: 
Highest Ancient Institution of the Lani people of Papua
Mage Wone
Ancient teaching on Prohibition
Kurumbi Wone

Ancient teaching on Life-Threatening Warning

Maluk Wone
Ancient teaching on Disorder and Death
Obelom Wone
Ancient teaching on Logos and Order

Methuselah Generation

  • Antidote
  • Oath 
  • Covenant 
  • Cornerstone 
  • Sacred Reunion of the Methuselah Generation Family 
  • Life’s Code of the Methuselah Generation 
  • Vision and Mission 


  • Religious Sacred Books 
  • Major Philosophical Books 
  • Major Revolutionary Books 
  • Esoteric Books 
  • Books on Indigenous Resistance 
  • Colonial Books
  • Post-colonial Books
  • Books on Ecocide 
  • Books on Black Holocaust 
  • Books on Papuan Holocaust 
  • Books on Worldview 
  • Books on the Wisdom of Indiegnous Elders 
  • Books on the Philosophy of Science  
  • Books on the crisis of Western civilization   
  • Books on an Alternative View on Reality   

Journal Articles

Journal of European Studies

Journal of Italian renaissance Studies

Journal on Philosophy of Science

Journal of European Enlightenment Studies

Journal of Indigenous Genocide

Video Links

External Links

  • Worldview 
  • Indigenous Issues  
  • Ecocide
  • Papuan Holocaust    
  • Crime against humanity     

Melanesian Philosophers


If you wish to know more about these great Melanesian thinkers, please click on the photos.  


  • Polynesia 
  • Micronesia 
  • Original Australian 

Poems and Papuan Tragedy

Papuan Tragedy 

Papuan tragedy is about a real-life story of every Papuan. It is about your story, my story, and our stories. We want to do good and to be right, but we fail.  We want to be moral and stand as a hero, but we fail miserably.  We keep making the same mistake about the same thing repeatedly. We keep making bad decisions about the things we care most about. KUNUME OF MILICENTRISM – OH PAPUAKU 

Original Cosmology

  • Original Australian Dreaming Cosmology  
  • Oceania Mana Cosmology 
  • African Voodoo Cosmology 

Papuans' wound, Pain, Trauma and Healing

Papuan’s ontological wounds:

  1. Deep wound on the being of Papua
  2. Individual wound
  3. Wound on family structure
  4. Wound on clan system
  5. Wound on Tirbal netwroks
  6. Wound on geography 
  7. Wound on ecosystem
  8. Wound on the state of Papua
  9. Wound on Papuan cosmology 

Papuan’s trauma from deep wounds

  1. Individual trauma
  2. Family trauma
  3. Clan trauma
  4. Tribal trauma
  5. Geographical trauma
  6. National trauma
  7. Racial, cultural, social, and economic trauma
  8. Cosmological trauma

Papuan’s addictions to deal with these wounds and trauma

  1. Alcohol
  2. Drugs
  3. Gambling
  4. Excessive Pinang chewing
  5. Pornography
  6. Sex
  7. Social media addiction 
  8. Smart phone addiction
  9. Addiction on fast food and chemical drinks
  10. Modernity and developmental syndrome

Path to healing

  1. Antidote/remedy 
  2. Embodiment of Logos (the Wone)  
  3. Redemption of Spirit, Mind and Body 
  4. Reconciliation to The Source
  5. Listening to the voice of our ancestors 
  6. Adapt to change or extinct  
  7. Reclaim our sovereignty

Elders' Voices

  • Ancient timeless voice 

Mothers' Voices

  • Voice of the original mother of all mothers 

Kurumbi Wone Quotes

Anatomy of Black Holocaust

  1. Black Being – Dehumanization and Objectification 
  2. Black Human Value System – Devaluation 
  3. Beliefs – Rejection 
  4. Black Ideas – Rejection 
  5. Black Epistemology – Rejection 
  6. Language – eradication 
  7. Culture – Denigration  
  8. Philosophy – Rejection 
  9. Cosmologies – Rejection 
  10. History – Denial 
  11. Future – Denial 
  12. Religion – Rejection
  13. Information – Colonisation 

Key Dates

Two different timing systems: Reality based on timeless natural system and reality based on human controlled time system. 
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