The Blood River

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The Blood River

It was there, she had seen it

Gazed, yet cannot prolong. The blood river

Gushing at the heart of a village, everyone refuses to grasp it

A thick vail thwarted the sight of the children of man

The poisonous rays of blood made the spring insentient

A miasma of blood blocked their airways

Tasteless food consumed, poisoned by the blood river

Guzzling all day long, the blood river

Discern, they cannot, between the poisonous and pure

Relished the same

Poisoned the soul of mankind

False saviors deceived everyone

The blood river, flowing from the masters of modernity

The architecture of Babylon

The blood river, guarded by soldiers of the dead

Anguish fills the heart of a widowed mother

The blood of a crucified husband joins the blood river

Sacrificed the only daughter to appease the monsters of blood river

Brave she stands alone, the unveiled

She acquired full sight, the gift of the ancient spirit

The true guardian belonging to the realm of nature

The power of ancient magic awakens her

She runs upstream, the blood river

At night she goes, running, in anguish

With her last breath, searching for the spring of the blood river

A thick vail blocks the sight of the children of man

Gracious warnings, by wise nocturnal creatures, but ears cannot hear

She goes, searching for the warriors of nature

The protectors guard the realm of nature

All left motionless, but the search continues

All were taken to the slaughterhouse

The harbor of the blood river

The cursed carnage, the house of Harlot

The mother of Babylon

The mother of the fallen children

The incubator of the seed of death

By: Yamin Kogoya

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