Natural man has been reprogrammed to fit into a shadow-image created  by machine man. Often, natural man is not aware that this image is controlled by demons and monsters. What happened to the late Michael Jackson, the greatest entertainer in the world, was a perfect example of what happens to all-natural men. The colonisers’ fantasy deceived him and took his soul, even while he entertained the world. Machine man turned Michael into commodity, sold worldwide by demons and scavengers. These demons took his memory away and replaced it with a counterfeit memory of a fantasy. He was tortured, abused, and murdered by this fantasy. All institutions established by machine man exist to deceive the children of natural man. Every day, the machine man replaces natural man’s memory with counterfeit memories of shadows, fantasies, and dreams.

Children of natural man, please stop everything that you are doing and pay close attention to your surroundings. What kinds of fantasy images do you see on your streets, your buildings, your supermarkets, malls, textbooks, pharmacies, churches, courthouses, and banks? What fantasies are projected through your magazines, newspapers, television screens, clothing and social media? What languages do you hear on your radio and TV? What food and drink do you consume in this fantasy world? What kinds of activities do these monsters, demons, and vultures seek to entertain you with, while they drain the blood of the ancient original world?

Machine man has injected too much toxicity into the spirit, mind, and body of natural man. Machine man has made natural man sick, turned him into a problem, and deceived him with a counterfeit antidote. Natural man does not realise that both the problem and antidote were created by the same perpetrators.

When European launched a deadly attacked on the natural world, natural man became the primary target. Since the natural world was their home, the European’s assault on nature was comparable to a wholesale destruction of cities, infrastructure, hospitals, schools, banks, supermarkets, and libraries: everything that enables modern man to function. The Europeans could not see cathedrals, bridges, and churches on indigenous lands; but all of these things were built into the natural environment. The attack on nature was therefore an attack on the livelihood and life-support system of natural man.

Europeans and indigenous peoples had two different conceptions of reality. What it meant for something to exist or not to exist, for something to be ugly or beautiful, were wildly different through different cultural lenses. These fundamental differences in their conception of reality was the crux of all subsequent conflicts.

When machine man came to the home of natural man, armed with domination doctrines and advanced weapons, natural man could not withstand them. The colonisation of knowledge about the natural world caused untold suffering to natural man. In the process of colonisation, the machine man re-invented the “truth” about the dominated natural world, re-defining how nature was understood. By taking control of “knowledge” in this way, the colonisers were able to control, alienate and eliminate natural man. Thousands of years of indigenous knowledge about the cosmos, earth and creation was denied, rejected and destroyed. Languages were prohibited because machine man knew that language contained power. Language is the corridor through which we can access another person’s world. Machine man forced natural man to worship him, even as he vilified natural man as a demon and excluded him from the dreams of “modernity” he had imposed. Machine man told natural man that his language, beliefs, and way of life was demonic.

Machine man has weaponised natural man for the purpose of self-destruction. Michael Jackson is the perfect example:  what he needed was redemption and healing, not promotion, entertainment, and profit. What natural man needs is redemption, not development and progress. Without redemption and restoration, natural man will remain in the darkness of a fantasy world created by machine man. The entire enterprise of the so-called development project has been promoted to deceive natural man. Machine man will never see natural man as their equal. Machine man views natural man in precisely the same way that they view the natural world: as a commodity to be bought and sold in the market they control.

Machine man controls the psychology, emotions, thinking, language, knowledge, beliefs and perception of natural man. Machine man has made natural man guilty about his very existence. To erase this guilt, machine man has offered him education, fake royal crowns, and religion. These offers are intended only to deceive him – to cover up the heinous crimes committed against him and his natural world.

Machine man has disconnected natural man from his roots, turning him into a dead, uprooted water lily. Machine man will never allow natural man to have his own agenda. The only agenda he is allowed is to chase after the colonisers’ fantasy world. The word development is not a mere word, it is a bullet, a code word for domination, control, and eradication. The word civilisation is not a mere word, it is a trick: a deceptive way to say legalised terrorism. The word progress is a code word for the holocaust being conducted against the natural world. The word modernity is just another word  for confusion.

What can natural man do in the meantime…?

Language is not only a communication tool, but a lens through which one sees the world. When a language dies, so does the particular world represented by that particular language. After machine man introduced a system of global domination, hundreds of original languages have died. This linguistic genocide remains one of the most critical issues on this planet. A memory of the Earth herself has been erased through the death of many original languages. Consequently, preserving our languages is one of the most important duties for new generations – especially when multiple languages and cultural values collide, and the weaker ones face imminent threat of eradication. Today’s generation is not like those of the past – we are born at a crossroads, between the death of our original world and the world of machine man. We do not fully belong to the old world or the new. We are a product of both worlds, but our genetics and habits are deeply rooted in the world of our ancestors.

To know where we are going, we must know where we are; to know where we are, we must know where we come from. There is no greater duty on this planet than archiving ancient languages and knowledge for future generations. Original languages, knowledge and wisdom are dying out rapidly as the forces of globalisation sweep across the world, poisoning the spirit, mind and body of mankind.

As toxic ideas, images and substances rampage across the globe and poison the children of natural man, what should we do? Should we remain ambivalent while machine man destroys our natural world? Only you can answer this question. I have my own answer: SAVE THE PAST TO SAVE THE FUTURE.

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