The Power of Words

Word uttered, but no authority.
No redemptive power,
no healing power,
no grace,
tossed out like toxic gases floating through the air, devoid of life.
Tasteless, faceless fireflies without luminescence.
Empty words with no substance,
as if reading a script rather than watching actors –
a blank canvas, no story to illustrate.
A dark sky without stars, no guiding light.

False words spoken.
A whisper in the wind that fades.
Makes heaven grief,
makes hell celebrate,
makes sense only to speakers;
listeners tormented.

Word are not spoken in full sentences:
they are sliced and diced,
scattered into an endless sea.
Some float on the surface,
others, hidden beneath the waves.

Human spirits are broken by broken words;
corrupt words shatter human bonds.
The abuse of words is the abuse of life.
Word brings life and death.

“In the beginning was the Word,
and the Word was with God,
and the Word was God,”
wrote John – Jesus’s close friend.

The Power of Written Word

The written word builds civilizations.
It destroys civilizations.
Written words are weapons of colonisation,
igniting a fire of revolution.

Written words spread myths.
Written myths become history and truth.
Oral words evaporate as myths in the fog of history,
quickly dissipating into nothingness,
leaving no trace of its existence.

Written word redefines reality;
redescribes it,
compartmentalises it,
dissects reality into pieces,
controls it and manipulates it,
destroys it and recreates it.

Written word holds codes of many possibilities –
holds secrets,
reveals secrets.

Written word erases history;
rewrites it,
distorts it,
changes the course of time,
alters what happened,
dictates what will happen.

The power of Pandemonium lies in its written words.
Silence is the essence of Metaphysics.

Yamin Kogoya

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