West Papua & MSG: An Epic Tale of Betrayal and Hope

How could you?
The sacred trust, a bond divine,
the trust we shared was a fragile art,
a delicate dance, a work of the heart,
but you didn’t treat it with the respect it deserved,
and left me with nothing but shattered nerves.

How could you betray the scared trust,
How could you betray it with such ease,
and leave my heart with a million degrees?
Where do I go from here, I ask,
How do I mend this broken trust that’s taken to task,
the bond of a sense of justice that we cherished and discussed,
the pillars of trust that we built so high,
crumbled under the weight of your lie,
the promises made, now meaningless words,
a sad song that left my heart in shards.

The pain of betrayal is like a hurricane,
it takes away all that we feel sane,
leaves us with doubts and fears that we dread,
and an endless pain that lingers in our head.
The hurt that comes with broken trust,
is like a fire, fierce and unjust,
it burns and scorches, leaving scars,
and hurts more than any wars.

How could you betray the sacred trust,
that was placed in you with such a must?
The bond of faith you broke apart,
left a wound on my innocent heart,
the promises so grand and true,
that you made to me, were they all untrue?
the trust that I held so deep,
was shattered as I saw you asleep.
Was it so easy for you to deceive,
all that was said and done with such relieve?
the trust and the bond we shared,
all sacrificed as if you never cared.

Now I stand alone with broken trust,
questioning myself of who now to trust,
for the scars in my heart run so deep.
How could you betray this scared trust,
that I placed in you with care and such?
the pride we had, a bond so strong,
it feels like it was so, so, wrong.

Grand final Tragedy.
A stadium full of voices,
all crying out as one,
a moment frozen in time,
as the game draws to a close, done,
the tension builds and crackles,
as the ball flies towards the net,
hope and dreams are at stake,
on this one shot, are they met?

But then it happens, oh so fast,
the ball flies past the post,
and hearts are broken, dreams are shattered,
a feeling like nothing else we know.

The fans, they cry out in despair,
their souls tormented, in pain,
for they had invested everything,
and now their hopes were in vain.

For even when the result is cruel,
and hard to find a way to cope,
we must keep believing, keep dreaming,
and not give up on life’s endless scopes, twists, and turns,
look up in the sky,
refocus hope,
in darkest hour of despair,
the morning star shines,
redeems the shattered spirit,
with its vibrant light shining.

Emergency number.
In the darkest nights of despair,
lying in an emergency room on my death bed.
I called out to you for rescue,
but chose not to hear my plea,
I asked for your helping hand,
but you refused to take a stand,
with silent vows left unbroken,
you watched my world come undone.

With each passing day, I grew weak,
as fear and panic consumed me deep,
but what hurt more was your silence,
a deafening sound that robbed me of any sense.

In my moments of need, when the world fades to darkness,
and my voice chokes up as I plead for help back,
it’s a lonely place to be, treading water and in doubt,
wondering why those you trust, refuse to lend a handout.
I look for a beacon, some hope that I seek,
but the silence is deafening, as I call out in vain.

You can’t understand the fear, the deep abyss of pain,
as I am left stranded, in a world that’s gone insane,
dying alone in an emergency room.

The shadows creep closer, the light starts to fade,
as shadow of demons nearing,
my hope takes a beating, my spirit starts to decay.

I call out to you in a desperate plea,
hoping that you’ll be the one to rescue me,
but as the darkness deepens and I sink lower,
you refuse to pick up the phone and call for help faster.

Your silence is deafening, it speaks volumes of your heart,
a betrayal of kinship trust, tearing me apart,
with each desperate cry, I grow weaker,
as hope gives way to fear and doubt, my heart bleaker.
I wait for a lifeline, a ray of light,
but in my hour of need, you choose to take flight.

Oh heart, my kin, why are you so cold and unfeeling,
leaving me stranded, my spirit reeling,
I thought that we shared a bond so strong,
but now I question if I was wrong.

Warlords and Thieves.
In this dark abyss, where shadows collide,
A tale of my demise, sealed with ashen pride.
Warlords and thieves, they danced upon my fate,
in their treacherous eyes, sealed my execution’s weight,
in shadows deep, where darkness seeps,
warlords and thieves, their power creeps.
In realm of pain, my fate they sealed,
my soul recoiled, in wounds concealed,
like vipers entwined, they conspired in might,
to orchestrate my doom, in the depths of night.
Warlords with hearts of ice, thieves of virtue and grace,
they sealed my grim destiny, adorned by time’s embrace.

Yet amidst the turmoil and the impending demise,
a flicker of resilience within my spirit lies,
for I am not a vessel, to be shattered by their reign,
but a warrior of the soul, fuelled by passions untamed,
for in these depths of darkness, a story shall be awoken,
with each breath I utter, a poem of defiance shall bloom,
weaving dreams of liberation, dispelling the gloom.

Let them revel, those fiends, in their ill-gotten might,
while I, a harbinger of hope, paint the azure night.
Though they conspired against me, in their wicked ruse,
I shall rise like a tempest, a hurricane I’ll choose.

Characters in my nightmares.
You are characters in my nightmares,
haunt my sleep with your devilish glare,
I try to escape your grasp, but in vain,
your presence consumes me with fear and pain.

In the darkness, I feel your icy touch,
your cold embrace chills me too much,
fear grips me like a vice in your hold.

My heart races as your stories are told,
innocence lost in your twisted game.
With every step and every turn, I take,
your presence, like a shadow, makes my heart break,
I run away, but you always find a way to catch me,
my fears and doubts, like chains, bind me fiercely,
your game, a twisted maze I cannot escape,
my soul, your prize, always seems to be at stake.

In the quiet of the night, I close my eyes,
hoping to find refuge, away from your lies,
but your haunting voice echoes in my head,
the nightmares, like your games, never end.

You play characters in my nightmares, cruel and twisted,
a shadow, a monster in the darkness, you’re always listed,
but I know that beneath your scares and daunting face,
You’re nothing but a mere creation of my own disgrace.

Your presence lingers in the darkness of my mind,
in the darkness of my slumber, you come to play,
haunting me with your wicked games, every night and day,
playing characters in my nightmares, tormenting my soul,
a twisted fantasy, a horror beyond control.

Your voice echoes in the hollow of my mind,
a whisper of evil, so cruel and unkind,
your eyes like abysses, where my hopes all fade,
leaving me to wither in this nightmare that you made.

But even as I tremble in this world of fright,
I feel a spark inside, growing stronger with each night,
a will to rise above the shadows that lurk,
a burning fire deep in me, determined not to shirk,
I know one day, I’ll break your evil spell,
and banish you back to your fiery hell.

Pretentious love of destruction,
trapped in a maze of deceit,
empty promises, my heart’s defeat,
your loyalty was a lie, a nightmare come true,
a sinister plot to spoil my view.

How could my kin be so naïve,
to believe in a bond that can only deceive,
you played your game flawlessly,
and left my heart shattered mercilessly.

In your eyes, I saw a hope so true,
a heart so pure, a soul so new,
but little did I know, it was all a lie,
a facade so perfect but destined to die.

You whispered words that warmed my heart,
a dream we shared, a perfect start,
but as time passed, your mask began to fall,
revealing the truth, I didn’t see at all.

Our kinship bond was but a tool, a weapon to be used,
a means to an end, a game to be abused,
you plotted my downfall, with every word you said,
and left me with a wounded heart, that bled.

You smile at my face,
while plotting my destruction silently,
my heart may be bruised, but it’s never broken,
and with my strength renewed, I’ll come out unshaken.

Oh, the deceit in every kiss,
the hidden venom in every bliss,
your promise was a farce, a tale so cruel,
a venomous venom, kinship affairs so cruel.

The lies that flowed so effortlessly,
the heart that beat so aggressively,
all swept away, by your masterful lies,
a love disguised, in subtle disguise.

You promised me heaven, but gave me hell,
a heart so cold, a soul that fell,
your betrayal left me broken and torn,
a heart in pain, a life so forlorn.

As betrayal’s taint lingers, like a deadly injury,
with a kiss so tender, a smile so bright,
you wove a trap, in which I lost my sight,
hand in hand, we danced beneath the moon,
but little did I know, the end would come so soon.

You led me down a path of light,
only to leave me alone, in endless night,
offered up my soul to demons so vile,
and with a laugh, you watched me bleed for a while.

The pain of your deceit, so vivid and sharp,
cuts through my heart, leaving it so stark.
You sold my soul to demons so vile,
and left me alone to suffer in exile.

The hope in your smile, once pure and true,
now haunts me with a pain, that feels so new,
Oh, how could you betray me with a smile?
then offer up my soul to the abyss.

How did our kinship bond grow so dark and cold,
a tale of betrayal that was never told.
You lured me in with your sweet, gentle touch,
and wrecked me with lies, that hurt so much,
but now I stand, stronger, with a heart of steel,
ready to move on, to find what is real.

Communique: My death warrant.
I feel the weight of your words,
as they fall upon my soul,
a death warrant, a final decree,
my fate out of my control.

The ink, the blood, forever entwined,
each stroke of a pen becomes a blade,
with every word, a life betrayed,
ink spills forth, where hearts confide.
each stroke of quill, a poignant verse,
every line imbued with souls’ dispersed.
With haunting words, their stories unfold,
Echoes of pain and tales untold.

With ink as blood, every sentence bemoans,
a haunting reminder, aching in our bones.
in the scroll of sorrow, where hopes decay,
lies the weight of injustice, relentless, it sways.

Though my days may be numbered,
I will not surrender or accept defeat,
for I know that within my heart,
truth and justice will always meet.
So, write what you must, my friend,
for your words hold no power over me,
I am the master of my destiny,
and my soul will forever be free.
I stand against the fallen commanders of Pandemonium.
Tell me MSG,
What do you stand for?

Dance on my grave.
Dance on my dead bones
in shadows, whispers of deceit, they sway,
their wicked masquerade upon my tomb.
While I, a captive to their heartless play,
with each dark step, my soul meets its gloom,
with eyes aflame, they pirouette and twist,
mocking my frail flesh, now turned to dust.

Their laughter echoes through the lonely mist,
a haunting dirge where treachery is thrust,
beneath moon’s gaze, where shadows find their home,
upon my tomb, a twisted waltz takes flight,
your laughter, chilling, like a ghostly moan,
In callous steps, my innocence takes plight.

Sacrificed innocent blood.
In shadows deep, where demons creep,
I ventured, weary, lost in gloom,
through dungeons dank, where evil has seeped,
to steal a sip from terror’s womb,
a crimson chalice, cold and cruel,
in whispered whispers, tales untold,
an elixir dark, a wicked fuel,
to satisfy a thirst, untold.

The innocence, by darkness stained,
their tears they shed, their lives forlorn,
in sacred rites, their blood was drained,
their souls, a plea, forever torn.

In shadows deep, where nightmares dwell,
a tale unfurls, a twisted spell,
through veins of ink, my words shall tread,
on darkened paths where angels dread.
In dungeons veiled, tormented and grim,

I ventured forth, for truth, so dim.
to taste the bitter drink of despair,
and weave a tapestry of souls laid bare.

Within those walls, where demons reside,
where innocence fades, and hearts divide,
a chilling mission, cloaked in disguise,
to quench a thirst that darkness belies.

The innocent, like fragile birds, they weep,
their sacrifice, a secret they’ll keep,
their crimson blood, a price to pay,
for sins not theirs, for love’s decay,
but in that act, a haunting sight,
where shadows dance, and worlds ignite,
I glimpsed the depths of humanity’s plight,
a battle waged in the dead of night.

For in the darkness, a spark shall rise,
a flame of compassion in tear-filled eyes,
to mend the wounds that evil inflicts,
and resurrect justice, its power fixed.

So, I emerge, changed by what I’ve seen,
a witness to darkness, where light convenes,
to share these verses, to plant a seed,
in souls and hearts, a new creed indeed,
for in the quest to quench desire,
to tame the demons, fight the odds,
we must recall the souls afire,
and Honor innocence, as gods.

Shadow and Real
In the depths of darkness, a betrayal unfolds,
the harmony shattered, the bond untold,
for in the light of day, as brothers we stand,
but come the nightfall, a treacherous hand.
Words like honey, with empty sweetness they drip,
yet hidden beneath, a venomous grip,
deception veiled in comforting disguise,
a dagger of deceit, piercing through the lies.

Oh, the ache of trust, torn apart by the night,
through shadows it dances, with such twisted delight.
to plot with my enemies, to unleash their ire,
leaving my soul wounded, consumed by the fire.
In the light’s embrace, a bond so pure,
a brotherhood vibrant, an unbreakable allure,
words of kinship, harmonious and warm,
but when darkness descends, a different form.
Eyes once filled with trust, now a shroud of doubt,
veiled intentions lurking, quietly about,
with two-faced whispers that betray my trust,
like a venomous serpent, ready to thrust.
Oh, the ache that pierces, a heart torn asunder,
as brotherhood crumbles, lost in the thunder.

In shadows they conspire, with enemies aligned,
a treacherous dance, secretly intertwined.
In the realm of shadows, where secrets reside,
deception awakens, veiled intentions hide.
Within the facade of daylight’s glory,
lurks a brother’s betrayal, a treacherous story.
Words like honey, dripping with sweet deceit,
a twisted performance, a malicious feat.

As daylight fades and darkness unfolds,
in the sanctum of night, loyalty sold.
Oh, the ache that lingers, a heart torn asunder,
from a bond once sacred, now torn asunder.
Brotherhood shattered, trust cast aside,
a painful truth that can no longer hide,
for in the face of falsehood, truth shall prevail,
in the echoes of honesty, the whispers shall sail,
though wounded, I’ll mend, with scars that will heal,
the bond may be broken but resilience we shall feel.
and as the sun rises, painting the sky in gold,
I’ll find solace in knowing, the truth I hold.

For brotherhood betrayed, though painful it may be,
it fuels the flames of resilience deep within me.
a flame of resilience, burning evermore.

Lips and Hearts speak two different languages.
Melanesian values on your lips, but other values in your hearts,
hollow words that promise what they never deliver,
promises that leave shattered dreams and broken hearts,
words that echo through the silence, but never truly deliver,
walking through the world with a mask on our faces,
we become strangers to ourselves, putting on different faces,
striving for approval, but never feeling truly earned.

Melanesian values on your lips, but other values on your hearts,
you speak of love, but act with selfish intent,
you desire wealth, fame and power – but do they truly impart,
a sense of life fulfilled, or only add to discontent.

As you speak of unity and harmony but sow the seeds of discord,
your actions betray your words, tearing apart,
the very fabric of the society you claim to uphold.

Melanesian values on your lips, but other values on your hearts,
your words may be sweet, but your actions tear us apart,
for the heart that you reveal is not one filled with courage,
but rather one that is ego-driven, seeking to rise above my grave.

Melanesian value, betrayed with cheap noodles,
our traditions tossed aside like discarded food cartons,
as we are tempted by the ease and convenience they provide,
ignoring the importance of what our Melanesian virtue.

Highway of demons
The once peaceful land, a paradise so unspoiled,
is now a haven for the lost and damned,
the Melanesian Way, a sacred path,
of truth and freedom,
of kinship and family,
of diversity and embrace,
of history and destiny,
a place where the spirits dwell and the deities patrol,
now it’s a place where the wicked roam,
and the souls of the innocent are left to languish in gloom.
Demons and ghosts haunt the land,
thieves and criminals’ prey on the unsuspecting hand,
warlords and paedophiles, a menace to society,
mafia and their illicit deeds, a threat to decency.

The Melanesian Way, once a symbol of hope,
is now a place where darkness reigns and none, can cope.

The spirit of the land, broken and bleeding,
a tragedy that cannot be undone,
Oh, Melanesia, what have they done to thee?

The Melanesian Way, a once-majestic path,
now a highway home to sinister souls,
where demons and ghosts roam free,
and criminals of all kinds seek to take control,
thieves lurk in the shadows, looking for prey,
warlords wage battles, leaving chaos in their wake,
paedophiles prey on the innocent, rape and marring the land’s beauty,
mafia carry out their illicit deeds in pursuit of their duty.

The Melanesian Way, once a sacred path,
now a highway of darkness, where the lost wanders in,
the demons and ghosts, their presence felt,
their chaos and destruction, leaving hearts disturbed,
now a road of strife, where the evil prospers with ease.

MSG: Crime scene
In the depths of the Pacific’s embrace,
where Melanesian spirits once found solace,
a sacred land now bears a hefty price,
as innocence succumbs to avarice,
oh, MSG, your shores so vast and pure,
now stained with the whispers of betrayal,
the echoes of exploitation endure,
where silver and gold cause hearts to derail,
Once vibrant tribes, united and strong,
now crushed beneath the weight of foreign greed,
their spirits silenced, their rhythm gone,
as precious traditions slowly recede.

But fear not, dear Melanesian kin,
for your soul’s fire still burns deep within,
rise above the darkness, reclaim your lands,
let unity and pride ignite your hands.

Two different greeting masks
While the left hides a dagger,
a smile that’s oh-so-grand,
but a soul that’s nothing but rancour.
Your words are sharp like blades,
as you twist them to your own accord,
manipulating like a maestro in a symphony of charades,
a puppet master skilled in discord.

But behind your mask of deception,
lies a heart that’s broken and frail,
hiding a secret of your own inception,
living in a world that’s beyond the pale.

So even as you plot and scheme,
trying to carve your own destiny,
remember that life is not always as it seems,
and your actions will determine your legacy,
for the truth will always come to light,
and your dagger will no longer suffice,
and in the end, it’s truth that will reveal,
a world where deceit and lies have no price.

August 23-24, 2023, will be remembered as one of the most emotional moments in West Papua’s struggle for liberation. Papuans have long campaigned to be accepted as part of Melanesian kinship by joining the Melanesian Spearhead Group (MSG). It’s been ongoing for years. This year was something else; it was unique, special, and powerful.
Papuans and their Melanesian brothers and sisters and their extended kingship across Oceania and their solidarity groups around the world called for MSG to accept West Papua as a full member. During a peaceful rally in support of this event, many Papuans were arrested, terrorized, and attacked throughout West Papua. MSG leaders on August 24, 2023, were blind, cold, and deaf to these sacrifices.
On August 24, 2023, MSG leaders rejected West Papua in Port Vila, Vanuatu – the place where the MSG seed was planted. Aside from being the headquarters of the MSG, Vanuatu is the only country in the world that actively supports West Papuan independence. West Papua’s hopes and expectations for membership in the MSG have also reached a climax this year due to Vanuatu’s chairmanship of the group. Papuans believed that this was the moment they had been waiting for. It was like watching a football grand final match- the last seconds before the whistle blew – high mixed emotions of anxiety, hope, and restlessness.
In response to these tragic events, I wrote two poems. The first poem titled ‘MSG’s noise and silence‘ was published on August 25, recounting these last moments of silence (waiting MSG’s decision on West Papua).
The second poem you have just read, ‘MSG & West Papua: An Epic Tragic Betrayal and Hope’, describes feelings after MSG’s final decision.
All readers are advised to read every line carefully with an open mind. These poems use metaphors to depict a tragic crime scene that unfolds beyond the physical realm – the conflict between evil and good, darkness and light.

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