West Papua’s Resistance Leaders: Tragedy and Hope

Power: Rasing and falling
In halls of power, where leaders reign,
their decisions echo far and wide,
the consequences of their wrought gain,
both admiration and hurt collide,
the line between courage and folly,
is blurred and treacherous at best,
for in the end, the heart is jolly,
or heavy, with pain and unrest.

A leader’s rise, a sight to behold,
as courage drives them to the top,
their actions courageous, brave, and bold,
their legacy forever set to crop.

But one step amiss, and pride entwines,
as destiny calls, its warning signs,
from euphoric bliss to haunting abyss,
where the soul is lost, in eternal miss.

As reckless choices bring you down,
one wrong decision, a constant snare,
leaves your leadership in shambles and frown,
your earnest efforts come undone.

If greed or power clouds your sight,
the trust you’ve built, all but gone,
left with a sour, bitter fight,
the consequences that come with you,
one hasty move, one selfish thought,
set your legacy to rot.

A trail of wreckage and shattered trust,
a leader who has strayed too far from just,
a path they once led is now un-walked,
their name and reputation becomes mocked.

The path of leadership demands immense care,
and a willingness to rise, but not dare,
to seek the path with humility and grace,
to choose the vision that the world can embrace.

Spirit: Dividing & Uniting
A whisper of mistrust, animosity fills the air,
enemies forged on trivial things that shouldn’t matter.
Prideful hearts, egoistic minds,
a thirst for power and treasure intertwine,
a gulf of difference separates divided leaders,
strife and chaos reign supreme.

Resistance leaders, bound by noble will,
their hearts aflame, a hunger none can still,
but oh, how swiftly they crumble in their quest,
for one coveted throne, power’s cruel jest,
their unity shattered, like frail glass it breaks,
leaving naught but wounds, regret, and heartaches,
as ambition and greed fuel their downfall’s applause.

They grasp the throne, a coveted prize,
yet blind to the pain that each other defies,
brother turning against brother, in shadows they scheme,
a tragic tale unfolding, a sorrowful theme.

Amidst the tumultuous clash of wills,
resistance leaders entangled in power’s snares,
each step a dance towards an empty throne,
while unity crumbles, their spirits left to moan.

Brothers and sisters once united, now torn apart,
as they claw, tear, and devour each other’s heart,
a throne, the illusion of dominance and might,
drives them deeper into the darkest of night,
blinded by desire, they lose sight of the true fight,
leaving unity shattered, souls yearning for light.

Outside the realm, enemies lurk with malevolent glee,
hunting the oppressed, seeking their complete decree,
their eyes burn with hatred, their blades dripping red,
as they ensure obliteration, leaving no hope but dread.

Oh, the tragedy of those who seek liberation,
only to be dismantled by their own fascination,
the cost of power, the price of a throne,
a haunting lament, echoed in deepest bone.

Wisdom and compassion ultimately answer the call,
only together can we embrace each other’s strengths,
a united front that treasures liberty and peace at length.

Wisdom: Blindness & Foresight
The path to destruction, they lead the way,
with no sight, they’re still able to stray,
their followers, lost and unaware,
falling into the depths of despair.

The blind leading the blind to suicide,
a tragic end, for none can see,
the truth, the light, the way out,
but the blind, unable to find their way,
lead their flock into darkness and doom,
their actions, selfish and cruel,
contributing to the end of their own soul.

The blind, leading the blind to die,
a tragic loss, for none can be saved,
from the destruction they have wrought,
their folly, their pride, their uttermost fate,
their blindness, their ignorance, their guilt,
a burden they bear, until the end of time.

Tragedy: Defeat & Resurrection
The bitter taste of defeat lingers on,
yet the leaders fight, their battle not won,
their egos clash, their pride inflamed,
fighting for power, leaving the people maimed,
forgotten are the voices that once cried,
forgotten is the power that lies inside.

Leaders, once noble, now stand divided,
fuelling the flames, their arrogance unbridled,
a ruthless fight to retain their wings,
their shattered kingdoms, their broken souls,
struggle to hold their bleeding goals,
the bitter voices of power and might,
echo through the halls of defeat and blight.

Defeated leaders still clawing and fighting,
their pride and ego still stubbornly railing,
their words sting and cut deep,
echoes of failure, anger and defeat.

They speak of glory, of battles won,
of triumphs past and deeds undone,
but the present is bleak, the future unclear,
and the people they lead are filled with fear.
Forgetting the people, they swore to serve,
their own interests they desperately preserve,
their own titles proudly proclaimed,
their actions feed the flames of hate,
creating an inferno of fear and debate,
hope quenched, spirits crushed,
all for power, glory and gold’s lust,
their egos bigger than the world’s peril.

Oh, how we want to cry out loud,
to make them hear, to break their shroud,
their voices raised in empty blame,
fuelling anger, igniting the flame.

Will they ever see the damage done?
the shattered hearts, the families undone.

Oh leaders, hear our pleading call,
see beyond your prideful walls,
come together, take a stand,
for the good of all, and not just your brand.

Solution: Brokenness and Redemption
In shadows deep, a battle takes its hold,
resistance leaders clashing, power unfolds,
while they vie for control, their hearts aflame,
the people suffer, trapped in fear and shame,
while they clash and scheme, their eyes blind to see.

The agony of the people, their spirits shackled and weary,
invisible chains wrap ’round their hearts so tight,
enslaved minds, oppressed souls, lost in eternal night,
the cries of anguish muted, silenced by the strife,
as the fires of hope flicker, barely fighting for life,
oh, the wails of the innocent, carried by the wind,
their dreams crushed and shattered; their voices chagrined,
while the resistance leaders bicker and conspire,
Lives are extinguished, consumed by fire.

Leaders locked in power struggles, a rhythm dissonant and long,
as they clash for control, blind to tears and wails,
the people suffer silently in desolation’s veils,
bound by chains of sorrow in a world devoid of grace,
enslaved, oppressed, and executed, their dreams displaced,
their voices swallowed by the shadows, their spirits worn and frail,
while resistance leaders quarrel, a tragic, twisted tale.

Oh, resistance leaders, hear the people’s plea,
unite your fractured souls, set the people free,
for true strength lies not in power’s deceitful guise,
but in the liberation of souls, where grace reign supreme.

For in unity, courage forms, an unyielding song,
and the oppressed shall rise, their spirits strong,
let empathy ignite,
to bridge the divide, between the wrong and right,
for the power to change lies within each beating heart,
unshackled by unity, a revolution to impart.

For true power lies not in control or command,
but in the strength of compassion, united we shall stand,
in unity and compassion, let the oppressed go free,
only then shall the resistance true power reclaim,
and hearts once broken, shall soar and reclaim their name.

Resistance leaders, hear the anguish of the oppressed,
lay down your swords of discord, let unity be professed,
for strength is found in togetherness, in hearts that beat as one,
a symphony of resilience, a battle hard-fought and won,
release the chains that bind, embrace compassion’s reign,
For in the liberation of souls, true victory shall remain.

Oh, resistance leaders, rise above the fray,
unite the scattered fragments,
for in the heart of every soul lies a longing to be free,
to cast off oppression’s burden, to shape a destiny,
unite the hearts embittered, let empathy take flight,
in solidarity and purpose, ignite the flames of right,
for in the unity of purpose, strength shall find its voice,
and the marginalized and broken shall rise,
hearts aglow with celebration.

With collective dexterity, rebuild what’s been undone,
embrace the shattered spirits, their battles far from won,
for the essence of resistance lies not in control’s embrace,
but in the boundless grace that transcends divisions, space.

Resist the urge for dominance, find solace in their plight,
a symphony of justice, tearing down oppression’s might,
for in the fight for liberation, true empowerment we find,
when resistance leaders, hand in hand, leave none behind.

Yamin Kogoya

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8 months ago

Nowe gain kaonack.
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Nowe ap nggain kaonack.
Wone mondok eya Kwa arer wakendak.🙏🏿

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